FIFA permission

How can i get on written permission from FIFA for world cup and RUSSIA ball?
I registed here:https: // , but no reply.
If anybody got on a permission please help me .

Even if you were granted permission (it’s doubtful you would), Videohive’s policy still would not allow you to sell a copyrighted design on the marketplace.


Thanks a lot for your reply.
If i use “telstar 18” ball in my promo , Will i face the same problem ? or better to use the classic ball design.

The Telstar ball design is copyright of FIFA, and cannot be used in any marketplace items or previews. Please use a generic ball design.

Thanks for your reply.

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The ball should be OK, but the trophy is also copyrighted by FIFA. You’ll need to remove the trophy entirely, or create something original that looks nothing like the real thing.

Done , thanks alot :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Done , thanks alot :slight_smile:

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