Feed rss automati posting to social media

I want to search for a script like this site https://app.dlvrit.com

can you help me ?
Send me the download link or purchase
Or the correct name for this script
Because I searched by all means and words in Google
download script feed rss tool
download script feed rss tool auto post to social media
download script feed rss tool auto post to social media
download theme Easy Social Media Management
Social Media Management
download feed rss Automated Social Media Management Tools
But I have not found
Please I want help
Thank you so much

I hope it helps :yum:
Is it what you need?
Check last update dates on item page and if author still responds on the comments page to make sure that the item you choose is up to date and working.

I dont want plugin

I want website as dlvr sicial network auto post feed rss

Then why don’t you go with dlvr?
You are not clear about if you want to run a website like dlvr and provide on demand services or if you would like to use it for yourself.

For creating on demand services you are not on the right place I guess. See licences here.

I want to run a website like dlvr and provide on demand services

Iand i am clear . i have all on envato write .

I want as this website with all social media .

You have any thing ?

You can reading also what i want

  1. Can you please list out the all the social media on which you want to allow a user to post?

This site has all social media https://dlvrit.com/

  1. Please list out all the basic features that you want in your website.

As on the website mentioned

  1. Is there any payment related functionality on the website?

Users can post for free after registering on two social media sites

Then the payment plans as determined by the site owner


4 social networking positions






  1. Do you want to develop this website in any specific CMS/framework?

As on the website dlvr.com

  1. Apart from the automatic post functionality, any other features will be on the website?


you can looking also




All is cleat now ?

Envato products cannot be used in on demand solutions so it won’t be possible

Can you please tell me. Do dlvr site. Is a script or wordpress?

Their website is an envato theme (jevelin) but the feeds, and features are all custom

You might be able to use a multitude of plugins to do something similar but it won’t be stable and likely to create issues.

Aside from envato items not being used in on-demand sites, you can’t expect to find the equivalent to a platform worth tens of thousands of $, if not more on a stock marketplace

If you have a sensible budget then you could look to hire someone on www.studio.envato.com to build it.

I bought many things from Envato. And I have two sites. But I found that the owners of the sites ask me like the site that I want. And all the social networking sites that provide this service. Prices of plans are priced high. So I wanted to own a third site and be priced at only 1 euro. For webmasters

There’s a reason those sites charge what they do.

Even if you had it built somehow - the cost of maintaining, hosting and securing a site which passes that kind of personal data, especially if you charge cheaply and get high volume of users would end up being crazy expensive

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