Auto Pull and Auto post for Social media



Are there any plugin where I can select my interest topic such as “mobile app” or I can select tech category all post to auto tweet / auto Facebook post?

I have looked at

But that doesn’t really auto pull from different source.


I don’t think this is first time someone thought about having something like this?

I would appreciate any help!


Can you explain further?

I think what you’re trying to achieve is quite possible. You probably have to create some categories in your WP site and use any auto blog plugin to populate these categories with targeted posts from different feeds that will automaticlly be published on your FB / twitter pages using any of Social autopost plugin like Nextscripts.


I do not want to publish bog on website. I just want a tool at that pull new trending topic for “mobile app” and share on social media such as Facebook / twitter.

on Nextscripts it’s possible if I do the blog post on my website and that will share it automatically.


Ah … so you want to search posts using keywords and then share on all of your social media platforms. I think you are looking for something like

If that does not do what you want, you can PM me for a custom software quote :smile:


I dont think I want to go for custom software that ends up being 100s of dollar :sweat:


Yep, then Hootsuite is exactly what you should go for … :slight_smile: I think a custom software might cost you $800 - $1000