Exclusive to Non-Exclusive


I have created my audiojungle account long ago and made it EXCLUSIVE. But I did not have have any songs in my portfolio.

About 2 days ago, I requested to change my account to Non-Exclusive, and it says that I’ll have to wait for 30 days to shift accounts.

After requesting, I uploaded a song and it is under review.

My question is, can I upload the same track, which I uploaded here, for any other library now? or I should wait for 30 days until I completely go from Exclusive to Non-Exclusive.

Thanks in advance.

I guess if your track will be published for sale elsewhere before your exclusivity status is changed, it will be violation of terms. If i were in the same situation i’d just wait 30 days. But you can always ask support.


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Thank you @Theo_Sound for your super fast response. :+1: