Exclusive Author

If I am an Exclusive author, can I still sell other items on another market if they are not listed on graphicriver? Or can I only create items for graphicriver?

Of course you can. Otherwise it would be the worst deal in the world.

Yeah, if you upload an item to GraphicRiver, then you can’t sell or give that item away anywhere else, for as long as the item is on the site. If you take the item down from Graphic River, or never upload it in there in the first place, then you can sell it or give it away anywhere you like.

hi, u can as long as they are different enough from the ones that u have on sale here … if they judge this is too close, u may get into trouble too …

Yes yes you can but they must be DISTINCT!

You have signed exclusivity for the items sold here not for all your work!

yes distinct enough according to standards here …