Question about being an Exclusive Author

First off I want to apologize if I make any grammar mistakes, but English is not my first Language. Okay, let’s start! I still don’t have any products uploaded to Videohive but I am working on something right now. I also am an Exclusive Author. My question is: Can I change the project just a small bit and upload it to another website? That way the projects won’t be the same - they will have a little difference. I didn’t see any rule that is against this. Will my account be in trouble if I do it? And one more thing: If I break a rule is account suspension the worst case scenario?

Personally I wouldn’t do that, you need to make them inherently different or how will you convince someone to buy it over the freebie?

If you wanted to give away for free, how about making a lot smaller versions e.g. only 1 animation while the paid version comes with 6 animations and 6 colors.

My example may not work for your case but when you have free items and paid items you need to make the paid version stand out above the free version so much that the free version users will want the paid version.

Uhm I am sorry, I don’t think you understood me. The version with the little difference was not going to be free, I was just going to sell it on a different website. That way I will get more buyers.

You will need to make significant changes to the file you’re selling on different marketplace.

Also, make sure they don’t look like the same item in 2 different marketplaces.

I’m not sure on this but I think you need to make a certain percentage of a difference.

hi Graphic Studio, i also have a question for you in a bit a related issue indeed, can we potentially take out an item from our portfolio here (if it 's not working so well for instance) and potentially sell it elsewhere?

Hi @n2n44

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away.

Yes, once it’s removed from the Marketplace you can do whatever you want with it, it is your property.

As long as it’s not for sale with Envato you can do whatever you want with your item(s).

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thank you very much for your answer , there was no hurry anyway an the delay was not a problem for me, i just wanted to get to know about this issue, maybe it will be useful one day :wink: thanks again