Event/Class registration options .. not EE3/4

Hi All,

Looking for some input, perhaps you know of some good options that would best suit the following scenario…

A class registration system with the following top level needs:

  1. Managed via backend of WP
  2. Parents/Students can sign up and pay
  3. Instructors of the class can easily commit to the classes they can attend.

This is for a a group that needs to be able to see the parents and students who have signed up for a class, as well as all the usual admin management stuff. In addition, it would be ideal if they could see a list of instructors and crew (all volunteers) who have committed to any of the classes. They’ve tried sign-up genius in the past for managing the instructors, however it just became too much. So something that is super easy for the instructors to sign up and commit to.

Any thoughts on how to tackle this problem in a holistic way and hopefully have it all managed from one place in the WP dash? Anyone seen any options/plugins/combination of plugins out there that might do this?