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Hi there, I run a dog training company and looking for a product that can create repeating events such as classes, that ideally also include attendance tracking ability and section for notes on specific students or specific classes… Most WordPress calendar plug ins don’t seem to have options for dynamic back end use… custom fields and acting like a school that has a lot of different types of ongoing short classes. Envato seems to have a school management option that might work if it had a calendar type function… We want easy sign up for new clients as well as usability by instructors… what would be worthwhile testing or purchasing for a month? Currently using a system called dogbizpro that our clients have a bit of trouble getting through sign up.

With Booked or Bookly you can achieve anything you need. You just have to dive into the documentation.

You can test the free versions of both plugins and compare free vs paid versions or even test drive the full versions.

On Codecanyon



# Test drive & admin demos



Take a look at Calendarista, if you have not already!

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Wow, wow, wow, bookmarked for myself, indeed! :yum:

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thank you typps… I had a quick look and will try it later this week or next. Looks like it does almost everything we need We need to test how a class list would work with 6-8 people in it running for 6 consecutive weeks. and how the back end works but seems like it offers a lot.

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Thank you Krista… will look at these as well.

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