Estimated traffic on ThemeForest demo site? Which type of hosting should I use?


I’m going to release my first WordPress Theme on ThemeForest soon. I have concerns about my hosting if it’s going to make it or not. I’d like to know how much estimated traffic can I expect on my demo site. I’m aware it really depends on how popular the theme will be, but do you have any recommendation in this matter? Should I go with a VPS or a Shared Hosting will be enough? Can you recommend me any particular hosting plan or company? Where’s the server should be located? How much bandwidth do I need? Is there anything else I should do to make sure my server is going handle the traffic well, like CDN and so on?

Thank you in advance!

For what it is worth, I had my first WordPress item released on Themeforest last month. I am currently on shared hosting with Stablehost (US servers) and it has been working out just fine. My lander is HTML and the theme demo is WordPress multisite. There has been no need to upgrade whatsoever. The first full day after theme release there were just over 500 uniques to the lander (per Statcounter), but it has obviously trickled down since then. I did not have a chance to analyze the traffic much, but a lot of it appears to be just other authors trolling the items as opposed to prospective buyers.

Once again, this is purely my experience and hopefully it helps.