Error in install rehub demo

I tried almost 10 times to install the demo of rehub theme in my localhost. But Failed every time. I didn’t know how to setup it.

I tried 2 methods.

1). Using Wp-clone Plugin
I tried to restore from direct Zip url. But getting every time same error. “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 600 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\My php\wordpress\wp-includes\Requests\Transport\cURL.php on line 482”.

I also tried to increase execution time in php.ini file. But still getting same error in my localhost

2). Using Wp all in one migration plugin
I tried to use this also, but I got error “Unfortunately, the new format is not back compatible with backups made with earlier versions of the plugin.

What should I have to do now?

I could offer paid support (team viewer) if you’re interested in