Erro en Theme front One

Yesterday 11.7 I bought the theme (Template) Front One and it is not installed in wordpress because it is missing the style sheet style.css
I sent an email to Envato and they do not take charge, they tell me to write to the author (something I have already done) and to write here to see if there is someone who knows how to fix it.
Thank you in advance

Don’t see an item using that name - can you share the item link?

‘Template’ sounds like HTML not a WP theme though


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!

If you purchased WordPress then this guideline for you

Common Error: Stylesheet Is Missing

If after clicking “Install Now” you see an error that “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet,” then you probably didn’t follow our instructions from step 1. You more than likely downloaded the “All files & Documentation” instead of the the installable theme. Go back and double check that you’ve downloaded the correct file.


Unless it’s this one? in which case try htis

I need help, the author does not respond.
The theme is

Look at this link

Almost certainly you are just trying to install the wrong folder

Hi Charlie4282 thanks for your responses
There is only one zip file to install the theme and it cannot be installed like other plugins.

Make sure the zip you are trying to import (as epr the video NOT via appearance > themes etc) is just the theme kit and not all files like documentation etc.

I’m going to try it, thanks Charlie4282