Envato update API for wordpress plugin

I’m currently working on my first plugin for Envato marketplace and I am trying to find a working example of the new verificaiton/update api? I’d like to have the users enter their purchase license, and only allow updates if that is entered (so one per license) I have seen some of the other posts about this topic but there doesnt seem to be a simple working example for wordpress plugins. Anyone have an idea of where I can find something like that?


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


I am the author :upside_down_face:

Try this from @baileyherbert - there are very few people on envato who have the level of technical genius and expertise, let alone envato specific know-how, as they do.


Wondering if this would be accurate still, https://www.wpeka.com/verify-item-purchases-envato.html

Hi @pluginbrewery,

wpeka is using old legacy API.

A few years ago, Envato announced we would be shutting down our legacy API in favour of our modern API. Benefits of this newer API include a better authentication process for end users, better security for everyone, and less time spent maintaining the legacy API.

So, you have to use the modern api. You can get help the link provided by @charlie4282 where @baileyherbert explain all things you need to integrate into your systems. If you worry! about wp integration then you can purchase an extended license of any purchase code verification plugin from the envato market and integrate into your wp items with the help of the plugin author.


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