Envato site is switching in Russian even if I am in Italy

Hello, I am facing since few days this issue. The site is all the time switching into Скачать 4253748 Items - Envato Elements… but my ip is italian, I am in italy and my device has italian language so I don’t know how to go back to english…is this an issue that anyone else is having or am I doing something wrong.



please go to at very bottom of the page in right side after the social media icons there you will find a dropdown, to change language click on that dropdown and select your langauage for example: English.

You may need to clear cache & cookie then change the language to english.

Hope it will solve your problem.


This has also been an issue for me, thanks

Ok I deleted the cache and now back to Italian :smiley: … don’t know why russian :slight_smile:

if still not fixed then clear cache & cookie then change the language to Italian.