Envato Market Upload Issues (Resolved)

A reminder that you can check for any issues across the Envato sites at http://status.envato.com/.

Over the last week or so there have been some issues affecting the upload process across Envato Market. We needed to disable the upload feature at times in order to protect the broader system and prevent any impacts on sales and other customer features across Market.

As well as the downtime for uploads, the issues also impacted some other processes including trusted approvals of updates. We’re working hard to catch up on these now and a majority of the queued transactions have now been processed.

As you can imagine, we process, move, delete and update A LOT of files across Envato Market. With more than 11 million items for sale (plus the millions of files that are archived, replicated, disabled or deleted) we need some robust disk management in the back-end of market. We’ve made some massive improvements to the infrastructure across Envato Market over the last 12 to 18 months and these have brought huge performance and stability improvements to the 10 year old platform.

Unfortunately over the last week, some of our disk infrastructure had some issues - we had a node in our storage cluster fail. While we worked to fully restore the system, our performance was heavily degraded so we decided to suspend uploads to ensure customers could keep buying without interruption.

These issues were on the back of some other instabilities in some of our shared file systems that resulted in some corrupted directories which have since been isolated and recovered.

We’ve now taken a number of actions to try to ensure these issues don’t happen again, including more and better monitoring and reconfiguration of some of our disk infrastructure.

To be clear - no existing files were lost or permanently corrupted as a result of this downtime. We have backups in place to ensure we can always recover if something goes wrong.

We’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone affected by these issues, and reinforce our commitment to improving performance across the board.


Thanks for the answer !)

Thank you for the explanation and transparency! This is the kind of no-BS communication we need from Envato. Cheers and good luck :slight_smile:

Can’t connect to the FTP, been getting these error messages for the past 24 hours on FTP connection attempts.
A few users reported exactly the same issue on the forums (quick search “FTP upload” and sort by date)

Hi @julianstevenson,
Thank you very much for your info.
The problem is that it will give some impact to the uploading items (either updates, resubmission or so).
The known issue is that those items are stuck in the middle of somewhere and we have to submit a support request to let the support team check on that one by one.
Do we have a systematic solution instead of such manual one?

My effected items: Trusted updates needs 3days to get approved (DONE a few hours ago after 3 days), resubmission items are at day 4+ (2-3 more hours to go 5). I created support ticket for them and still waiting for responses. (BTW, my ticket is 641469 if you care).
Thank you!

@johnnybd if you are still having FTP connection issues, can you please raise a help ticket. Looking at your screenshot above, it looks like it could be an issue with your password, but the support team will be able to help further!

@swlabs the review of your resubmissions wasn’t directly affected by these issues… just checked and it looks like the reviews have completed now!

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@julianstevenson thank you for your prompt response.Mine just got approved around 1hour before your post time. So resubmission took 5+ days totally.
Thank you!

Julian, thank you for being so quick!
Seems as if only 1 of 2 issued API keys worked as a password.
However, as long as one works all good!

I have a question, last week I tried to submit an item for review on GraphicRiver, but I kept getting errors, then I saw the announcement and I decided to wait until it’s fixed.
But the next day my item appeared on my dashboard as “Queued for Review”.
So now I’m not sure if it’s really submitted or there is a bug and if I have to resubmit it?
I ask, because it says “Submitted 6 days ago”, but today I saw here:
that it should be reviewed for about 4 days.

@flasheasy - yes, your item was successfully submitted to the queue so should be reviewed very soon :smile:

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Thank you for the quick answer! :slight_smile: I’m sure it’s very challenging maintaining a system of such scale. Thanks for your hard work and for keeping us informed.

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Thanks for the explanation, @julianstevenson!