Envato Market Plugin for Wordpress Gives me Activation Error

Envato Market Plugin for Wordpress is giving me the following error upon activation:

The OAuth Personal Token could not be verified. Please check that the Token has been entered correctly and has the minimum required permissions.

I opened a ticket and asked Envato to check if their server is blocking my website’s IP. They keep telling that I have to contact the author of the plugin! I keep telling them the author is Evanto but looks like they don’t understand.

The Evanto toolkit plugin that I used to have is deprecated and no longer works. Any idea on how to resolve this problem?

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I think that you can contact with author sell this plugin. You can send a contact of codecanyon author, maybe he will help you good luck.


Hello @habboubih,

Could you please open a ticket (issue) describing your situation here: https://github.com/envato/wp-envato-market/issues/new

It is the main development space of Envato Market plugin, where the plugin development team can help you with the issue you’re having.

All the best!


To add – make sure all of the following options are checked when creating the token: