Envato Infamous Five: 5 Envato items in weird and wonderful places

Heya community!

To celebrate our 10th birthday, I put together this list of weird and wonderful places Envato items have popped up in over the last decade.

This is the Envato Infamous Five!


:slight_smile: amazing. it must feel awesome to have authored item used in an ultra popular project.

So most of the things that make waves is audio jungle tracks? I’d expect TF to have more reach, considerings its scope…

Great and wonderful

great & good

Nice and I hope my items will be there as well soon (Y)

Anyway, I enjoy the show, thanks @DomHennequin you make this infamous 5 envato items video more interesting and attractive. Also all of Envato team and authors you are totally amazing.

Envato on a roll!