What's your favourite lesser-known item on Envato Market and why?

I thought i’d create this thread so that we can share some amazing things from our marketplace with one another.

Lets dig up some buried treasure together :smile:

Just one rule: The item cannot be your own.

I’m going to kick us off.

One of my favourite items that nobody seems to know about is @FigureOf8ProductionsJazzy Happy Birthday. This thing is a masterpiece, just one play and you’ll be whistling it for the rest of the afternoon. Whenever I want to show people how amazing the quality of AudioJungle is, I play it for them and they crack a huge smile.

It sounds like the kind of thing Frank Sinatra or Bobby Darin would have sung.


Thank you so much Matthew! I really appreciate the kind words. It is my good friend and band mate @graemewatkins on vocals.

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