Envato cannot get Username API - Help please

Help please

Just in case it doesn’t get answered and i can’t even connect to open a support ticket…

Thank you and your team for making this directory so that we can port it over from our last one. It is amazing and i look forward to supporting you guys more often.

As mentioned, this is what I did

  1. I created the site following the documentation without problems – API connected for Listify updater

  2. the website had some issues so i deleted it and reinstalled it. (just for everyone’s information, recpatcha wordpress integration no longer works and will brick your website. -Solution is to manually delete the plugin via ftp. DO NOT delete your account and reinstall after you have connected the API or you will face the same issue as me)

3). I stupidly forgot to save my API key and got a new one.

4). Now it doesn’t connect at all and i can’t even sign up for a support ticket on your website via linking my ENVATO account. (Says cannot retrive envato username)

Anyone any solutions for this?