Envato Birthday Campaign: FAQ

@BenLeong Thanks for confirm me on right time.
So we will change Extended License price on our end once campaign start.

Thank you very much for help.

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Hi ben, i can’t see the image promote campaign when price reduct already !

Hi @anhvnit! The automated price change script is currently being run - we’ll be sending out the official launch email to authors in a few minutes.

The public launch (Market Mail email, social promo etc) will start later on this afternoon.

Price changes are now live, and the launch emails are starting to go out to everyone!

The landing page can be found here


If I search wordpress theme and cheapest sorting found first item low price but in details page showing more than orginal high price. I can’t understand why!

Thanks @mgscoder - that looks like an error, and should be removed from the page soon.

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@BenLeong our major update went live yesterday but I noticed the campaign site still using the old graphics, would this be possible to update at all?

https://videohive.net/item/fcp-titles-250/19492180[FCP Titles and Transitions Collection]

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Let’s PARTY! :tada::cupcake::cocktail:

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@vystina I’ll check with our developers tomorrow morning - it may update automatically during the campaign.

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Awesome Ben, much appreciated!

Hey @BenLeong sorry to bug but any follow up? Just really keen to get the new branding live with the sale if possible.

All item preview pics should have been updated yesterday afternoon - there was a full refresh on all landing page categories. I’ll see if there’s an issue with VH items, as it should already be showing the new image for your item.

Dear Envato, thank you for choosing my items for Birthday Campaign! I’m happy to be part of comunity)

My customers say they didn’t receive marketing emails with sales announcements, as during previous campaigns.

Did you send out marketing emails this time?

Please @BenLeong can we get a refresh on the VH items.

Hi @Sko4! Yes, there are definitely marketing emails going out :slight_smile: Two major campaigns so far (launch + birthday collections), with another big reminder one going out before the sale ends. The largest of those has gone to a little over 800,000 customers.

Almost all customer segments on the list will receive some version of this - inactive customers (no email opens or clickthroughs in a certain time period) are less likely to receive it though, as we prioritise sending to high-engagement segments.

@vystina The team found the issue with your item preview, and have just done a manual update for your item. There were a couple of others in a similar situation, so those should all be showing their new preview images now.

@BenLeong thanks so much for following up! And sorry for all the messages :smile:

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Thank you, BenLeong !

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