Envato Announces Partnership With BRIA AI For Responsible AI Image Generation

Hello everyone. Today I’d like to share an update on a new partnership - focusing on why we’ve chosen to work with this company, and what it means for Envato Authors.

As you will recall, on June 1 we made changes to our Elements and Market Author terms. These allowed Envato to begin exploring new opportunities for our authors, beyond our current marketplaces and subscription service.

Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with BRIA AI and their release of a suite of responsible generative AI foundational models, providing new opportunities and potential future revenue streams for our author community.

BRIA AI is a visual generative AI company operating at the forefront of responsible AI. They are focused on building viable, responsible AI models that can serve the diverse needs of customers. We have provided BRIA AI with photos, still images (taken from stock video) and graphics to use in their suite of visual generative AI foundation models and to commence training those models.

The intention is for BRIA AI’s models to be used and paid for by companies and agencies in the future – whenever content is generated based on these models, BRIA will earn revenue and the original authors will receive a share of the generated revenue via Envato.

In addition to Envato, BRIA AI are also working with Getty Images and Alamy.

It’s an exciting way for us to explore new revenue streams and opportunities for our authors, as well as help shape a more sustainable and inclusive ecosystem for creative innovation.

In addition to the FAQs below, I encourage you to read our full Author Hub announcement or media release for more details.


Hi all. We’ll use this thread to compile any BRIA-related questions you might have, and I’ll keep this post updated with answers when they are available. I’ll start with a list that may address some of your initial questions:


Who is BRIA AI?

BRIA AI is a visual generative AI company that offers visual generative AI trained foundation models, source code, APIs, and development productivity tools.

What does this partnership mean for you as a part of our Author community?

Once the model is commercialized and generates content using items provided by Envato as part of its training, it is intended that the model will facilitate attribution of this use to Envato, and provide revenue for part of that content creation. In turn, Envato intends to share this revenue with the author(s) of the item(s) that are attributed as part of the training.

Why have we chosen to partner with BRIA AI?

We strongly believe that there is a need for AI tools that appropriately recognize and compensate the creators of content that is attributed to and trained on. Our shared vision with BRIA AI paves the way for a collaboration that aligns our ethical standards and creates new revenue streams for our community.

What’s happened so far?

Current work has been focused on building viable, responsible AI models that can serve the diverse needs of creative customers. To date, this has involved training BRIA AI’s text-to-image models using high quality photo and still images from stock video items, with appropriate rights. The launch of these models will make them accessible to developers and businesses – opening up the potential for commercial use.

How will I know if my items are used and when would I see income from this?

Once the model is commercialized and is generating content using items provided by Envato as part of its training, it is intended that it will attribute this use to Envato and in turn facilitate a mechanism for Envato to provide revenue for part of that content creation. In turn, Envato intends to share this revenue with the author(s) of the item(s) that are attributed as part of the training of the content created. If you are one of these authors, you will begin to see revenue from this source listed under “Other Royalties” on your monthly earnings statement. As the revenue will be based on commercial use, we cannot provide an exact timeline–it could be any time from now into the future.

Which items are included in this partnership?

Our contribution to BRIA’s training data consists of visual content drawn from Envato Elements. These are a combination of photos, still images (taken from stock video) and graphics.

Will all items that have been provided to BRIA AI generate revenue for the author?

Only if your item is used in generating a final product that is monetized. You would then receive a proportionate compensation.

Will this partnership involve any other item types?

At this point the partnership with BRIA AI is specific to photos, still images (taken from stock video) and graphics.

Can I sell AI-generated items through Envato?

Not at this stage - our AI-generated Content Policy for Market and Elements still restricts the use of AI-generated assets to item preview purposes only, and they must not be included in the download file. As the field of AI-generated content is rapidly changing, these guidelines may also be updated over time.


Interesting choice of words… Does it mean that, despite your good intention, this is not guaranteed?

Also there’s a crucial piece of information that seems to be missing from this announcement: What is the percentage of the author’s share?


In alignment with our Elements revenue share model, we will allocate 50% of the revenue Envato receives with the individual author(s) whose items have been used to train the models that generate commercial output.

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Is there a possibility to opt out of this? It depends on the revenue whether this is worthwhile .

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After the latest rule changes - no.
Great isn’t it?

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@KingDog @hichameassi
Hello… a ask… I can generate image background transparent BRIA.AI for themeforest will to approved it?

SORRY: I not good understand to read english…

Bria ai, They will chose their images from envato elements, not from themeforest or graphivriver,
You dont have to work for anything related bria ai.


Thank you. You have a good day.


Hello! As far as I know, generative models are trained only once. So, if I for instance, have five photos in my portfolio, and the BRIA.AI model used them in its training , it won’t use them again, right? Does that mean there we will be paid only once? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

The payment would be around work that is created that your photos have helped train, not the ingestion of your photos. So you’ll have the opportunity to get paid as much as your work is used.


I am very curious about this. If we really receive 50% then envato will probably be the only place in the industry where artists can get real insights how this revenue stream develops.

Everywhere else there is just an intransparent “oh we will pay you something but will not tell you how it is calculated”.

If we can also get some insights into which files are used often for ai, then we could generate content with that in mind.

So maybe we could get an “your 20 most popular used images for ai where…” kind of stats.


Don’t be too optimistic. If you familiar with how training of neural network work’s you will immediately understand that all images shredded and blended into this database and you will actually can’t predict how much of your original image will be infused in final generated image. In terms of money expect pennies. What’s not disclosed is the amount of money being paid by Bria to Envato for accessing to this database. Other markets paid amount from this money, and it’s immediate and fair. I am 100 sure Envato didn’t offered this access for free (correct me if I am wrong) and remember, this is your assets being already infused for money with no compensation at all. Mechanics of how your part in final generated image calculate also did not explained, and because i studied Applied Math in University no one in this world actually can predict how much of your original creation will be used in final product (except Bria invented method of calculation, which i assume actually not exist according to Bria public docs). So again, looks like we in problems here again, because for Envato money was paid (may be not), but perspective of receiving compensation is very very cloudy. How authors will be compensated is not explained clearly, because actually no one knows (because of nature of neural network learning). May be the share will be calculated according to number of used imaged, but both Bria and Envato not clear here.
P.S. After carefully reading all that was written above, i assume that share will be calculated according to amount of images used in final commercial product. But what hidden behind the curtain is amount of money being paid to Envato for access to this database (of your intellectual property by the way). I expect fair decision is to pay authors from this money AND share from final commercial product. In case if this money was actually paid, it can rise a lot of legal questions in future. Because from legal point of view if could be considered as “selling” this data to Bria without compensation for authors. Promises of future compensation, especially in light of words used by Envato representatives (i mean INTENDED, not obligated) looks very very uncertain.
P.P.S. Positive note - in case of Envato and Bria the intention to pay authors for using it’s images looks promising. We just need more clarity here, which i suppose hard to obtain on the current state. But question about price that Bria paid for this access is here. Don’t believe it’s free, don’t believe it’s thousands of dollars, sooner or later this information will be somehow leaked to mass media and i expect a lot of questions from content creators.


How percentage of used work in final product calculated? Is it according to proportion of images used from particular author for training?

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I am not expecting miracles, but the relevant part is the 50% promise.

Nobody else in the industry does that. Even with the big A we are not sure if we are getting 33% of the ai income.

The other big subs company already stated that last quarter they made 80 million dollars selling stock content and an additional 17 million licensing the library for ai training to other companies.

That is an increase of over 20%. Yet I have still to hear that producers are seeing a 20% increase in their income from a lump sum ai training payment.

They did pay something, but it was very little.

So I hope the bria project, when files are licensed for ethical ai training tools of other companies, will also lead to a good increase in income for envato and through the 50% split also a good increase for contributors.

There is a lot of demand by companies to create their own ai image tools, not necessarily to create stock images, but perhaps to classify and sort a huge volume of incoming images from their products and services etc…

So to offer the licensing of files for ethical ai training goes beyond just making pretty pictures and can bring in a lot of money.

And obviously the agencies will want to create contracts with recurring revenue, not just one off payments.

It is a whole new area of potential income and when you think beyond stock pictures, there might be a lot more money in there than we realize.


Agree with you, especially in light of how good generative AI became in recent years

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