Envato Account

Hi All.

i would like to know who many envato account can single user have ?

let say i am a freelancer and i want to sell plugins in 1 account and themes in 1 account

can i have 2 or more account ?

And also lets say i have a company named ABCD

and say we have 4 users

and all users have an envato author account.

We can have 4+ accounts in envato with a company name ?


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2, and why a company would have 4 accounts, since it’s a company.

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Thanks for your reply. let me be frank…

Another question i have 2 friends and 2 brothers who want to join envato and sell items. but we are all in the same location…

we all live together… so can we have 4 accounts and use it from the same location ?
also can all 4 accounts have a single common paypal ?

You can have four separate accounts, but you need to use your own financial details. I guess the exception would be if you have a company, and a business Paypal account… as long as the company details, financial info and tax details are the same for each account.

thanks for your answer.

Lets say i have a company named ABC and i have SSI Certificate

but we dont have any kind of PAN card for it. because its a proprietary company which mean we have a separate bank account but for tax info i need to use my personal details as its proprietary concern

and we have a company paypal, company bank account.

how i can do it ?

That’s all getting a bit too advanced! Maybe best to contact support, see what they can advise.

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