Enseek – Find VideoHive items that use your music

Good to hear! Altough in my case nothing has changed. The last video Enseek found was one from 4th May. Before that I had few videos almost every month. Is this a real sudden drop (?!) or maybe a bug?

Hey @RedOctopus, thanks for bringing this to my attention. After some digging it appears that you are in fact still missing some data, so clearly more recovery work needs to be done. I’m going to give it another shot when I have some free time later. I’ll keep you posted.


@baileyherbert you’re awesome!


@baileyherbert Thanks for your hard work, this is very important for everyone


Hi envato community,
I’m trying to find music which is probably from AudioJungle. As soundizer.com went down in 2017, I looked for alternatives and recently found this thread. After all these positive comments my guess was, that I could register as an AudioJungle author (which I did) and just upload the music file I’m looking for to find the original one. However, I stopped at the last step, because AudioJungle asks for how much money I want to sell the song although it’s not my song. So I guess Enseek only works for real authors monitoring their sold songs. I took all the effort, because noone have been talking about this thought yet. At the moment there seems to be no possibility to search AudioJungle by samples right?

Hi. Create new thread on forum and paste link to this track. Maybe someone recognizes it.

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Hi @baileyherbert !
Thank you for your work!

Not so long ago I changed my Envato name.
After that, the found videos (all but one) were no longer displayed in Enseek.
Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you!

Hi @LastSynth!

Thanks for letting me know about this! It’s an unfortunate consequence of how the Envato API was designed. I’ve gone ahead and fixed it manually for you! :smiley:



Great! Thank you very much!

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Wow, really handy! Thanks for the awesome work!

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