Soundizer is Down

Hello Everybody,
now after working with a preview file from audiojungle, i want to purchase the song but i am not having it in the favorite list. Normally i used but now the webpage is offline.
Any other possibility to find the songs?


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yes, never find my songs. So if you find newer songs, it just show old songs with some same words.


J’ai le même problème et si tu trouves une solution je suis très intéressé !!
Mon client attend ma vidéo, quelle galère …

Bonne chance



I have the same problem, if you find a solution I am very interested !!
My client is waiting for my video, what a hassle …

Good luck to you,


You can post preview here and maybe someone will recognize it.

Ok ça marche, merci !!

If someone would recognize the logo song I would give him/her high 5s all day!!!

here is just the song:

Soundizer has discontinued the service because of not being profitable, as they explained in another thread.

If you need any song, feel free to browse our portfolio:


hey!!! did you find some solution to your problem… because many people have the same problem but no one gives an answer, if you can tell me what did you do, I’m going to be very thankful