Enhancement Request: Vertical Video Preview Support on Envato Elements

Hello Envato Community and Team,

I am reaching out as an author on Envato Elements, specializing in video footage. I’ve noticed an area where our platform could greatly enhance its user experience, particularly regarding the presentation of vertical videos.

In the current framework, previews for vertical videos are automatically adjusted to fit a horizontal orientation. This transformation not only distorts the intended viewing experience but also results in blurred thumbnails that do not do justice to the original quality of our work.

As we are all aware, the era of smartphones has ushered in a preference for vertical content consumption. Social media platforms have adapted to this change, and it’s become the norm for users to engage with vertical videos. Given this trend, I believe it’s essential for Envato to implement a feature that allows for automatic previews of vertical videos in their native aspect ratio.

This change would not only improve the visual representation of our content but also align with the current market standards, enhancing the platform’s competitiveness and user satisfaction.

I am keen to hear thoughts from fellow authors and the Envato team. Is this a feature that you are considering for future updates? It would be a significant step forward for all of us who are dedicated to providing high-quality vertical footage.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

Warm regards,