Ements plugin for Wordpress error when looking for premium templates.

Hi, im having problems trying to install themes on my site on wordpress, I just keep reciving an error when Im trying to search a theme on Premium Template Kits from Envato Elements.

How are you trying to install this? Are you using the Envato plugin?

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Hi, thanks for your answer, the plugin its installed on wordpress bu every time that I want to search something, appears the message on the page,

I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin but as in the screenshot there’s an email that you should try contacting

They’ll are not answering, I installed and unistalling but keep the same error

You could try Envato Elements Help and Support

(Assuming this is envato elements)

thank you for your help, I´ll try that too, and let you know, :smiley:

Guess what, It started working, I just move the php.ini and update the mb download and upload and it worked