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we are looking for email verifying script where we can upload our list of email ids within the script and the script can process and validate the incorrect email ids and once the list is processed we would get all the correct email ids which we can export. similarly we should be able to import email ids for verifying. we have been trying to get such a script from a long time but haven’t found any solution yet. the script would run on a dedicated server where we can process around 75k emails per day minimum.

What kind of email verification? Real time or simply regex?

amzee said

What kind of email verification? Real time or simply regex?

Hey, basically we have alot of history data in terms of email ids that we get from our clients for cleaning we are using desktop softwares like atomic email verifier etc but they are really very slow and they dnt verify the email ids correctly they only filter email ids based on syntax errors. We need an online based script where we could upload our contact list and the script would run 24x7 using a cron job and filter out all incorrect email ids and let us export the correct email ids.


If that’s not sufficient, then let’s discuss:

This can (& should be) resolved in under an hour.


thanks for the links.

as mentioned earlier we need to verify huge bunch of email ids on daily basis. can these scripts mentioned above help us perform these task.

Also can you help us develop the same. if yes then we can discuss things further.

It’s simply a for loop checking for true or false.

Any programmer worth his salt should be able to do it.

Can I do it? Yes.


have pinged u via your profile page.


we have done this type of job for our client, but the issue is below :

  1. we first checked syntax of the email, that just take few secs, that do not take much time.
  2. then we checked MX Record that take time depends on server and response.
  3. lastly we checked with SMTP Hand Shake, this take some long time, again it depends on server and response.

after checking above three the result will be clean and perfectly fine email address.

but we have also checked each email with Spammers list, with db of 5-8 GB of database.

we have accomplish above all, but again each email takes 10-45 secs to complete above all 4 stages.

for faster result, your server should have configured accordingly.

if you are interested, PM me. :slight_smile:


yes, we are always available for work. you can contact us on

hope to talk to you soon.


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