Email Marketing callout: Top Trends campaign (VideoHive)

We’re putting together an email marketing campaign that will feature a number of files, offered at a 40% discount, for approximately 1 week. If you’d like to be involved, please use this thread to nominate items from your portfolio. Here’s everything you need to know:

What is the campaign?

We’re looking for premium items across ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune, AudioJungle and VideoHive that will be promoted at a discount of 40% off their standard price. This thread will be used to nominate items for the campaign.

In particular, we’re looking for items that tie into some trends we’ve noticed across 2019:

  • VideoHive: Utilities (including Transitions, Animation Presets & Titles), Instagram Templates, Infographics, Vertical Video, Bulk Packs, Motion Graphic Templates
  • AudioJungle: Breakbeat, Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Kids Music, Background Music
  • GraphicRiver: Illustrations, Minimalism, Font Duos, 3D/Text Effects, Infographics
  • CodeCanyon: Cross Platform files (including Flutter Cross Platform Apps, Construct2 & Buildbox Cross Platform Games)
  • ThemeForest: Page Builders (including Elementor & Gutenberg), eCommerce (including WooCommerce Themes for WP & Site Templates), Illustrations
  • PhotoDune: Business, Authentic Photos

The campaign will launch on Tuesday, October 8th, and will run until October 15th.

What are you looking for?

Rule #1: You must be the author of any item that you are submitting in this thread.

:white_check_mark: What we’re looking for

  • Items that are high quality, presented well, and up-to-date
  • Items with a minimum rating of 4 stars OR a minimum of 5+ sales
  • To help us be sure that the discount is off your normal sale price, the nominated item must have been listed at a consistent price for the 30 days leading up to the promotion period.

:x: What we’re NOT looking for:

  • Items that are old and no longer on-trend
  • Items that have not been kept updated (ie. have not been updated in the last year).

How do I take part?

Submit your nominations by adding a link to your nominated item in the thread below. Multiple submissions are encouraged!

What happens after I nominate my item(s)?

  • If your item(s) are selected, we will contact you via your Envato Market email address.
  • We will provide information about how and when your item price will be changed.
  • Selected items will be promoted via a special email campaign during the week commencing Tuesday, October 8th.
  • In total, your item will be discounted just over one week.


What if I want to withdraw my nomination?
If you’ve changed your mind, simply flag your nomination comment and let us know that you want to withdraw your item from consideration.

How are items selected?
All items nominated must meet the criteria selection listed above. Items for the promotional will then be chosen by the Envato Marketing team.

Who is responsible for changing the price of items?
All item prices will be automatically changed at the beginning of the Seasonal sale.

Under our Author-Driven Pricing rules, it will (as always) be up to the author to decide whether you leave a discount in place after the promotion ends, manually return the item price to its original level, or set a different price altogether. As with all pricing decisions, that’s entirely up to you.

How long will my item be promoted for?
Featured items will be promoted for a total of 8 days via email and collection pages.

Timeline of events

  • September 27th: We launched the nomination process (you’re reading it right now!).
  • October 3rd, 3:00pm AEST: Item nominations close.
  • October 4th: We will inform the authors of selected items and will provide more details via email.
  • October 8th: Campaign commences.
  • October 15th: Campaign closes.

We’re looking forward to seeing your nominations, and helping you to promote your items! If you have any questions, please let us know. Please post your item nominations in the thread below.


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