Elite Author Level :) Woooou

Dear friends,

As an emotional trailer and orchestral composer my musical journey has reached something unique…

I just recieved an official email from the Elite Team! Woooouuuuuuu

Today I became officially an “ELITE Author” - my journey starts before few years when I changed the main idea of producing music . The inspiration, passion, perseverance, love and understaning of commercial composition standards gave me an opportunity became specialist in the trailer/cinematic style.

All the results came today as an nomation for the official “Elite Author”!

Huge hugs and thanks goes to my wife:

Drahomíra Parničanová

and to my family for the whole support!

I would like to say huge thanks to the Reviewer Team for the opportunity to became always better in my music production and to all of you from the Envato community! Cheers ! :slight_smile:

Wouuuuu so happy!!!


Congrats to you and your family, great job! Well deserved, great music!

Yoohooo congrats!!

Huge achievement! Keep up the good work! Congrats!

Congrats to you and your family!!


Congrats !! :tada:


well done, huge accomplishment :slight_smile:

Nice job! Congrats!