Elite Author Level - Done! Thank You, Envato!

Hi, Envato Community!

Just want to say THANK YOU ALL!!! for this achievement!

Special thanks to Envato stuff for Featured File & Featured Author - this fact was make some faster Elite & Level 7 achievement :slight_smile:

Thanks for all authors and Envato Team with whom I have any contact in all times :slight_smile:

And of course - customers, you’re the main reason why I’m able to write this post now. :slight_smile:

And all of us is a part of Great Envato Community… So…
Thank You, Envato! :grinning::tumbler_glass::clinking_glasses::tada::tada::tada::balloon::balloon::balloon::+1:

That’s Really Awesome!

Best Regards to All, Alexander.


Great work! Congratulations!!!


:beer: :facepunch:t2: :tada:

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Congratulations!! :metal:

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Awesome result! :tada:
Totally deserved it!

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Congratulations on your success here!

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I really hope this was not your long term goal (becoming an elite). I think the most important aspect in your journey here is to be consistent in what you do and become an inspiration for others around you every day! Best of luck!

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Fantastic achievement :balloon: Congratulations! :sparkles:

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My congratulations!!!