Elements Video Triple Earnings promotion - Q&As

@BenLeong I didn’t receive the triple earnings reward this month yet. Anyone with same situation?

I received strange payouts. I have 2 accounts, but I received only for the main one and the amount does not match the pdf document. Where for the other account is not clear.

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I received an email the triple earnings incentive report this month which can be downloaded … but not receive earnings on paypal

Still the same, no triple earnings payment this month so far. The payment date was 21, but nothing yet. Any news @BenLeong ?
I’ve checked and I received a statement email and I downloaded the pdf file for June 2022 Elements incentives, but there is no payment yet.

same here, the statement has been published but no money has been received. is it because the money is less than $50?.. This is my first time having less than $50 in Triple Earnings.

I think the $50 dolars minimum doesn’t apply in this case because my very first triple earnings payment was less than $50 and I received it anyway. Hope we get a response.

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Hi all. I’ve just followed up with our Author Earnings team for more information - it looks like the June incentives payments (including Triple Rewards) were affected by a minimum payment threshold ($50), which is not normally the case for the Elements Incentives.

Any unpaid June incentives will be added to the July incentives payment run (July 21). This will be processed as normal, without a minimum threshold.


Will the triple reward continue this year?

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This sounds fantastic!

How can I join elements with my video files?

Do I have to apply somewhere? Or can I somehow select videos for elements upon upload?

I am sorry if this is a silly question, I am still trying to find my path around here.

To triple the income, even for a short while, is a very generous gesture.

It’s expired already. You’ll have to apply for Videohive to join.

Hi @cobaltstock! This promotion has already closed, as it was a bonus applied to item earnings for content added between October 3, 2021 and May 3, 2022.

It initially launched for Stock Footage items, and later expanded to include all Video items on Elements. All authors submitting items to those categories were automatically eligible for the bonus payments.

I’ll lock this thread now, to avoid any future confusion.