Elements site automatically redirected to German version.

I’m a bit confused as to why this is happening. I am not German, I don’t speak/read German, and I’m not in Germany, so why does Elements automatically open https://elements.envato.com/de/ every time I go to it.

This happens when I open it using the links on the Marketplaces, and even when I google “Envato Elements” and click the top result, it redirects to the German site.

It’s not a major problem, but a little annoying since I have to translate the whole site with Google Translate, which causes some text to not appear correctly, and it isn’t always a perfect translation.

Do you use proxy servers?
Try to reset your browser.

No I don’t. Though I also forgot to mention that it has been doing this for years, I just don’t go to the site often enough to have mentioned it before.

please go to at very bottom of the page in right side after the social media icons there you will find a dropdown (in your case selected: Duetsch), to change language click on that dropdown and select langauage as English.

Hope it will solve your problem.

I thought for sure that would work haha, but alas it only changed it until I revisited the page. It still brings me to the German site, but at least I can manually change it to English each time.

In the past it happened to me when I reached elements site directly from a link which linked to another language but I fixed that by the above mentioned solution and now always english.

Have you tried with clear cache & cookie then change the language to english.

It worked!

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