EFX Mark Lauren background music

Hey, guys,
does anyone have an idea who the background music in this title is from?
I still would like to buy this title:

Mark Lauren Warm up

I still need your help.

Marian found one track, but I’m still looking for the second track “Warm Up”.

Author Mark Lauren doesn’t know what the titles are called. All he knows is that he bought the music from audiojungle.
These are the sports videos of Bodyweight Training Programs You Are Your Own Gym - Elite Functional Exercise (EFX)


Mark Lauren Warm Up EFX

Edit: This one found by @MARiAN
[[Mark Lauren Cool Down]

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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Hey @Zuano!
Unfortunately I don’t know the song from the first clip but here is the second one:


For the first example I can recommend something similar from my portofolio:

Good luck!

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Thank you so very much @MARiAN!

Thanks for finding out the second song! This is really the song! Great! I’m looking forward to it!

How did you find it?

I’ll buy Unity as a thank you for you.

Maybe someone will also find the original song:
Mark Lauren Warm Up EFX

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