Looking for the song in this video:

I am looking for a song that I found a year ago on AudioJungle, but can’t locate it anymore. I think the name was “Suspense” by plutomission. Can you help? Here is a link to the sample I have.

There is such a profile, but it does not have anything in the portfolio (((
@PlutoMission Answer

Thank you for finding the profile.

If it possible you can use different song for you project similar to you wish…try to listen this songs, for example:

or this:

Have a nice day, mate!:slight_smile:

I’ve searched over 400 other tracks in an attempt try to find something that will work, but have not found one yet. Thanks for your recommendations; one of your tracks may work if I can’t locate the original.

It may well be that the song doesn’t exist on AudioJungle anymore. The library changes frequently as authors add and subtract from their portfolios.

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Just in case, here is a track that I originally envisaged as something that would work well for this style of video (if you can’t find original):

Good luck in finding something suitable!

Thank you for your recommendation.

check this too

or something from this collection if you want more rock


Hi @acweed7 !
Unfortunately I cannot help with the search but from myself I can offer an option:

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and help. I finally found a song that will work, but I don’t think it works quite as well as the original I had. Below is the link to the full video I made with all Audio Jungle tracks. I appreciate the creative community here and the wonderful music all of you make.


Hello! You can use this: