Edits Made Through Cornerstone Not Saving

I’m responsible for updating the website for my church at northstarfamily.org. We’ve been using Cornerstone to make edits on the X Theme, which is usually great and super easy to use. Helpful, since I’m definitely a novice when it comes to web design. Periodically, however, it becomes impossible to make changes to our homepage. I can pull up the editor and make the changes I want to make, but when I click save, I get a message that says “Uh oh! Content failed to save.” There have been times when I could click save and it will fail twice before saving on the third click. Now it won’t even do that. I’ve tried Wordpress forums, Themeco forums, and even sought help from a church member who’s been our go to IT expert for several years and he’s stumped. He had me switch to the original X theme instead of the customized X for Northstar that he put together for us, just to see if it was his customizations that caused the issue. But I’m still unable to save changes after activating the regular X theme. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! As you can understand, our website is an important communication tool that we use for reaching out to members and guests, so it’s crucial that we are able to keep it up to date as much as possible. Thank you for your help!

Hi, I have exactly the same issue.
Annoying and very much time-consuming.
My recommendation in your case is the future use of a Wordpress and Database Backup plug-in.
Most are for free and have a Backup schedule (from 4h to weekly and in between) as well as a Backup-Now button. Useful before starting to customize your website(s).
I am aware that it won’t solve your current situation (unable to save), but the plug-in provides you with many stable versions.
KR Oliver