Editing mobile site without effecting desktop layout - Fusion Builder Mobile Layout Creator - Avada theme

Hi Guys,

I’d really appreciate any help you could give me. I have set up my website https://e-leven.co.uk/ and I am happy with the desktop layout of everything. But when I go on the site on a mobile device there are just a few things that need to be changed. Slight layout issues and videos etc that I would rather not have on mobile devices.

I downloaded the ‘Fusion Mobile Layout Creator’ plug-in which is great, really user-friendly, I can make it look perfect on a mobile device by duplicating the page into a separate ‘mobile page’, and editing it specifically for that screen size. But for some reason, it still changes the original desktop page? Which I am assuming it’s not meant to do as it’s duplicating the page specifically for mobile?

If anyone could help with tips on how to Edit the duplicated mobile page separately, I’d really appreciate it.

I hope I’ve given you enough info.


James :slight_smile: