EDD or WooCommerce for digital downloads?


I want to setup a digital downloads store, and I’m caught between EDD and WooCommerce. I know EDD is recommended for DDL’s but are there specific reasons why it’s better than just using WooCommerce and it’s DDL options?


As much as I really like WooCommerce, it can be a (very) heavy / overcomplicated solution for a simple digital downloads store. There’s less code being added to your site with EDD, so there’s less of a chance for issues to sneak up on you. You might also see a performance benefit too. If the payment processor you’ll use is also already supported right out of the box, EDD probably is the way to go. For “enhanced” EDD theme support (unless you’re building it by yourself), you may be limited here.

However, WooCommerce has a more diversified extension library and usually is supported out of the box by many Themes. So, if there’s an essential feature you need that’s not offered by an EDD add-on but is already available in WooCommerce (the core plugin or an extension) then you might be better served by WooCommerce. WooCommerce is more geared towards virtual / physical items but works pretty well for downloads too.

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As much as I really like WooCommerce…

I think you’re absolutely right, the only thing is that the themes for WooCommerce are so much better than most for EDD, there’s just 1 theme I’ve found called Vivacity which the author assures me works fine with EDD which I think looks half decent and offers some of the functionality that most of the recent WooCommerce themes offer, so right now the plan is to go with EDD and that theme.


We love Easy Digital Downloads! you can do a lot with the plugin and I would argue that you can build better themes with EDD. Just because something is popular doesn’t make it superior.

I think this year you will see a lot more Easy Digital Downloads themes that look just as great as WooCommerce themes.

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WooCommerce is a ecommerce platform for WP, Easy Digital Downloads is built to sell digital products and services only. This means a drastically simplified user interface, no shipping options, and easier tax handling. If you want to sell digital products online Easy Digital Downloads is a great place to start

Source: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/woocommerce-vs-easy-digital-downloads/


hi! I have used EDD for my site but have a bit problem.

with EDD how to setup a Account menu? ( users login and change profile, download files, ect… )



We have documentation on that: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/docs/creating-a-customer-account-page/


Thankyou Pinpin :slight_smile:

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We have documentation on that: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/docs/creating-a-customer-account-page/

hi Pinpin. I have post a question on EDD forum support. hope you help me soon