ecommerce theme - user product listing

I need to setup a website that allows my users to register, create an account and list their products. They can withdraw funds (or request to do so) and manage their accounts as needed. The website takes a commission on sales etc. Can anyone recommend a Wordpress theme or even what I should search at theme forest? I’m looking for Wordpress but open to other ideas.
Thank you.

look for themes which use Easy Digital Downloads

You will need the marketplace bundle for EDD to handle it but it’s possible and would be around $220 for a theme and the bundle.

Woocommerce should be able to handle it as well but I personally prefer EDD as it’s built more for download products.

Hi Gareth,
Appreciate the link - this looks like just what we need. Have you used this before? Is there any chance you’re available for a few more questions, maybe on Skype? We’re also looking for a developer / team to help bring this project to life. If this is something you’re capable of, again - I’d really like to talk to you.


Hi Luke

I have used EDD for a project which went well, but haven’t used any of the Themeforest themes for EDD.

I am unfortunately not available for projects at the moment, your best best is Envato studio (


Great - thank you