Dribbble Invitation Giveaway


I just put this link for who is interesting.



I’ll try. Thank you for the opportunity!


Sorry for my words but f… Dribbble. You choose almost only illustrators and some logo designers or friends with quality -1. Stupidest community people ever created.

And this Your competitions: send portfolio, follow my profile, like my work, share my website etc. etc. :smiley:


i never asked follow me or like my works.

Probably shouldn’t reply to you.


I do not say that everyone do that but 99%.


Wordica don´t be that person! Egemen is giving invites for Dribbble, either you in or out. BTW, i´m in :slight_smile:


Today I’m also in - today I got invite :wink: https://dribbble.com/wordica :smiley: I wait ehh 2 years for this … ?


can anyone please tell me what is the benefit of dribbble invitation?

  • get new job
  • meet new people
  • incredible community