Downloading the HTML of the themes for an affiliate website


I am new envato. I am thinking of becoming an affliate by building a website that shows a collection of webthemes (organized and collated based on color composition, layout, etc.).

For this I need to download the html of webthemes. I wanted to know if this is feasible with envato?
Just to note, I don’t need the javascript or the source code but just the html that gets delivered on the user’s browser.


Hey @sandeep_envato,

@emile_b is probably the best placed to help you with this one.

Hey @sandeep_envato,
Thanks for your Enquiry, we’d encourage you to become an affiliate but first I’d advise you are familiar with the terms of the program, you can read those here -

With regards to downloading html. We would advise you use your affiliate link and link to the preview of each theme, that would be line line with common practice and the preferred method.
If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at


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