How can we save our HTML and WP Theme to be NULLED and FREE DOWNLOAD ?

Hello Friends,

Please Help, It’s very big issue most of themes are available on outside of
Theme-forest for Free Download.

I was getting Good Sales on my product but after 5 days I checked my sales was down even stopped. When i checked on Google I found my HTML Template was available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

I check this for many new authors but some old and big authors are not included in them.

Big Sellers’s Product are not available for free download … how ?

Can any one help me?


If it helps, I’m using encrypted JS files on the demo site added some codes as seen below:

if(window.location.href !== ""){
   window.location.href = "";

Not sure if it works 100% but better than nothing, especially for HTML templates with jQuery. For other suggestions, you can search the forum, you’re not the first one


there is no way or solution for that the best way is to stop building up the themes/software as clients make purchase using thier own money and offer them out free to those who can not afford to buy

You can report this at envato support. As I am having same problem.

I also report to envato and on some sites i contact them to remove it.

You can search and contact each site to remove theme.

I had great sales and after envato free of the month, i saw on nulled sites. Because they download and upload to nulled sites, ia free so is easy for them.