Hi i am trying to download the las version of the the7 theme v.8.0.0 (Dec 25, 2019. Merry Christmas!) but only see v.7.8.2 (Nov 14, 2019) what i need to do to download the last version.



The7 WordPress Theme last time updated at 14 November 19 you can download that.
You can download it from your Envato Account Download Tab


I do not understand? on your page you indicate that the web theme goes through version 8 and in fact my site is updated to version 8.
I have a local server to test and I need to have the same versions.
Why is there a gap between the latest version and the one you publish?


I think something mistake from the author theme changelog. As in theme details page in right sidebar we can see the theme has last update: Nov 14, 2019

and in change log we can see version v.7.8.2 has realeased on Nov 14, 2019
So, you have the latest version.
You can confirm this going through theme comments and post a query there theme author will reply and will confirm what is going there.