Download License

I have been using all Envato sites for years.
I remember each file I purchased came with a license text file, And I have lots of them. Recently I have noticed that the downloads files come without a license agreement, and the license link under the downloads (Audiojungle) takes you to the license agreement and not to the particular license as it used to be.
The only license I can download is a license for a file that was removed from Audiojungle.
Where can I find and download the original license for each Item with the specific audience it was purchased for?


For this query, I am tagging in my colleague the @KingDog. He is both wise and powerful.

@KingDog, you’ve been here longer than me :grin:, any ideas?

I am neither wise or powerful…but I am old.

Licensing has changed a lot over the years, and that’s particularly true with AudioJungle. The license should be downloadable on the drop down download button in your Downloads area:


This will be the license that you bought the file under. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to download the old license terms. Those have been replaced by our new terms. If the files were sold under the Regular and Extended Licenses back then, they are still essentially the same. Your license is valid under the terms it was purchased under.

Hope that helps!