Can I use the AudioJungle Free File of the Month on Youtube?

I was downloading a music track on Audiojungle as a free monthly gift.
Then i used it into a video that i was uploading on youtube, but YT asks me if i have the license to do it.
So i checked the attached pdf file and says “Details of the license can be accessed from your downloads page.”
But because that was a FREE FILE OF MONTH, i don’t have it in the downloads page.
So… can i use this track on Youtube or not?
Can i declare that i own the license or not?
THANK YOU FOR HELPING! :slight_smile:

Hi @labinfo - I’ve just moved this topic across into our Customer area.

If you have downloaded a Free File of the Month item from AudioJungle, you should have a license certificate included in the item ZIP file. For example, the license from this month’s Audio free item is in a file called audiojungle-19664826-the-tv-show-opening-license.pdf

You can use this when YouTube requests license details.

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