Don't you think it's time for another Ghost Most Wanted Competition

I think its time for another Ghost Most Wanted Don’t You

As I feel that platform needs some more love It’s such a delight to use over wordpress , It is a really modern blogging platform and want to see you guys endorse it more , It can do exactly what some of the themes that are created with wordpress does

on another note I saw some themes that were priced $44 , I think this will be a fair price when ghost release Apps,
that will change the ball park for sure with ghost , as developers will be able to make plugins so custom comments, custom image resizing


Been a while since we’ve had a most wanted… maybe they’re not doing them any more? I guess the focus of most wanted competitions are based on areas of growth, what people are searching for, sales increases in certain areas, and shortfalls in the market… so if Ghost templates meet that criteria, I’m sure they’ll run one again at some point. If they’re still doing most wanted competitions, that is.