Most Wanted: Ghost Themes - $7,500

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Just over 2 years ago Envato helped launch Ghost, one of the all time best blogging platforms by becoming the number one provider of Premium Ghost Themes. Since then Ghost has grown tremendously along with many new features, including Custom Navigation, Post cover images, Author archives, Tag archives, Previous & Next Post Links, and Code Injection to name a few.

This time around we’re back with another amazing opportunity to win big cash prizes taking Ghost Themes to the next level!

The Opportunity

$7,500 in prize money is up for grabs for Envato's most wanted file type - Ghost Themes on ThemeForest.

For this event we are running a “Best Item” contest where authors of all eligible Ghost Themes uploaded to the marketplace between August 7th and October 16th will have a chance to win awesome cash prizes!

What You Can Win

  • The 5 best Ghost themes win $1,000 each
  • $1,500 bonus prize for the most magazine/editorial experience. Plus a featured slot on the Ghost Marketplace.
  • $1,000 bonus prize for the most submitted/approved Themes
This means that a single Ghost theme author could win up to $3,500!

What We’re Looking For

We're looking for Amazing, Innovative Ghost themes that push the envelope beyond the traditional blog. To be eligible for the contest your theme should include:
  • Dedicated and styled Author Archives
  • Post Cover Images
  • Dedicated and styled Tag Archives
  • Themes with ‘placeholder’ text or images in the live preview will not be eligible. For example avoid using unrelated dummy images and “lorem ipsum” text.
  • An amazing item description that captures the buyers attention while providing detailed informational copy.
For the best Magazine/Editorial experience bonus prize, we'll be specifically looking for that special 'wow' factor, such as taking Ghost styling and layouts to the next level by providing a unique concept, niche, editorial or magazine Style that will make your Ghost theme a "must have!"

What We’re Not Looking For

Just like with any platform, there are some areas of saturation that tend to dominate the offering. Here are some of the things we are not particularly interested in this time around:
  • We're not looking for Personal blog only themes.
  • We're not looking for Portfolio-centric themes.
  • It's okay to still have a blog and or portfolio, but just not as the main theme of your item.
As a general rule, if we already have many of one type of Ghost theme already on ThemeForest, we are probably looking for something else!

It’s a Contest!

This Envato’s Most Wanted is a contest. And like any contest, you don’t want to be disqualified because you didn’t follow the rules. So as well as carefully following the procedure below, make sure you read everything in full.

Here are the key details:

  • Upload your items to Envato Market on or after Friday, August 7th and before the competition closes on Friday, October 16th at 23.59 AEDT time.
  • The winning files will get a share of $7,500.
  • All winners will receive the much-desired "Won a Most Wanted Contest" badge.
  • An author can enter as many items as they wish.
  • Multiple submissions from the same author must be different to one another.
  • An author can win a maximum of one (1) "Best Item" prize.
  • An author can win both a "Best Item" prize and "best magazine/editorial experience" prize for the same item.
  • Final eligibility of entries is determined by Envato staff.
  • Envato staff to judge "Best Item" prize winners.
  • Envato & judges retain the right not to award “Best Item” or "Bonus" prize(s) at their sole discretion if they deem appropriate levels of skill have not been met.
  • Prizes are payable only via PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill, or Payoneer.
  • Only new items uploaded to the site within the contest time period are eligible.
  • The entry deadline is based on the date of the final submission/resubmission leading to the item's approval on Envato Market. Not the date of final approval.
We’ll announce the winners a few weeks after the event closes, and send out the prizes several weeks after that. So, let’s get started.

How to Enter Your Items

What to Do After Your Items Are Approved

Once your items have been approved, do the following as soon as you can: And that's it. Good luck!

Please Read Full Terms & Conditions Here


this looks like a good most wanted to win, im in.

Competitive interesting and tempting :smile:

We hope you give it a go!

can we use starter theme for this or it’s should be fresh from scratch? Thank you this is my first time to join if ever :slight_smile:

You are free to convert an existing theme to a ghost theme as long as you have permission. You could partner up with another author as well or get permission to use their design. Hope that answers your question :smile:

Thank you for the great reply. But maybe I will try the casper theme to be improve. And I’m looking forward for this contest.


I have a doubt. I´m interested on going in deep with Ghost and this chance would be a good opportunity to try to build something. But I wonder if the final timing is the last day to submit the file or the file needs to be approved before this date.


I think this is your answer :wink:

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Who will be reviewing this?
Does Envato have reviewers who are familiar with Ghost?

Sorry, but I’m not gonna invest time and money just to encounter your new WordPress reviewer again,
who is clearly enjoying his power trip, and letting authors jump through hoops for weeks,
just to reject or approve on a whim anyway.
There is other established Ghost theme marketplaces.

Throwaway account for obvious reasons

Envato would be reviewing all your themes.
There is a reason why the reviewers reject items. They follow current trends and quality standards. And they would only give a good reason if your theme comes close to the minimum quality standards.

Nobody has asked you to invest time in this competition :smile: you alone make that decision. :smile:

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@JoshuaSprague Ghost has recently upgraded their platform to 0.7 Are we required to submit themes based on 0.7 or 0.6.4?

Great question. Please submit for 0.7 Thanks!

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I believe if that is the case, You can upload it as Others for now. Once the new version is available, you can change it.

Awesome contest. Thank you, envato!

Our theme Subtle was approved few days ago. Good luck to everyone who participates.

@justgoodthemes Good Luck to you too. :smile: Your theme is nice.

My theme “Oleka” was approved after few days of announcement of this contest. My second one is in review queue. Let’s see what happen.

Hey! thank you and good luck to you too :slight_smile:

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The ticket has been submitted for this a while ago. Now we just wait :wink: As @uziiuzair mentioned you can choose other for now then update later.

Thank you, envato!
Our item war approved few days ago :smiley: