Does CODECANYON allow python (FastApi+react) web app to sell on their platform or only PHP script?

I have created Email marketing tool which validate and verfiy different email address (domains i.e. gmail, outlook, yahoo, aol) with 100% accuracy.

This tool help email marketer to reduce bounce rate because online email validation services are so much expensive.

This email web app will reduce cost and give 100% quality and accuracy to their users.

I have developed this tool with python (FastApi+reactjs) framework.

So, Does CODECANYON allow me to sell this script on their paltform.

Or only php script allow to sell on codecanyon.

please guide me about this.

If it does not allow, then please tell me alternative platform to sell my script.

Hi @pkfan,

Unfortunately there are currently no categories for Python.
But if you’re interested you can ask it directly to the envato team by opening a Help ticket .


Thank you so much for your response!!!