Does all Ionic themes include the entire project structure?

Hi, I am trying to buy an Ionic theme, but the seller doesn’t answer. I liked the theme and that’s why I am insisting in buying it despite the author’s lack of response.

My question about the theme is very basic. I need to know if the theme includes all the Ionic project files (like typescript, sass, module files) not only the HTML, CSS, and JS files. What I mean is: is it already compiled or is it a really ionic project?

I never bought an Ionic project so I don’t know what it includes. And in the section Files Included in the theme page, it only describes JavaScript JS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript JSON, but I noticed that several themes does the same. Therefore, I still don’t understand if an Ionic theme includes only the compiled files or all the Ionic project files.

I suppose the entire Ionic project is included, but I’d like to be sure before I buy it.

I appreciate any help.