ionic 3 app template

Hello Everyone,

I am new to app templates. I recently purchased an app template for ionic but Im not 100% sure how to edit it. Im assuming that I have to download ionic but I noticed there is a free version and other versions. I have already downloaded the free version and tried to view my template but it said it was too big. Which version do I have to purchase in order to view and edit my code?

My other question is, do I need a separate application for viewing what the template actually looks like? Is there an app that I can view the template and edit it from there ( kind of like an all in one application)? If not its okay. I just need a bit of direction so I can begin to customize the theme i recently purchased.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have contacted the owner of the template but have not received a response as of yet and I would rather not do a refund. I would really like to learn how to customize an app as I plan to do future developing.

Thank you ahead of time for anyone that would like to help me out!