Do you practice?

Hi all!I see a lot of amazing musicians here. Not only in top authors.All are great!And i have question. Do you guys practice your instruments(piano,guitar etc.)? How often do you take your instrument and play some exercises or songs?

Yep, I’ll pick up my guitar several times a day whenever I get a chance.


Most definitely. Trumpet is my primary instrument and that is one where if you don’t use it, you lose it!


I recorded some of my piano practice and then turn it into audiojungle track

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i use backing tracks on youtube to stay fit on guitar. 2-3 times in a week for 15-20min…i start with playing 18 years ago, including 7 years on a music school :slightly_smiling:

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Ukulele, guitar or a mando are always next to me, I play them while watching tv lol :smiley:


Like deliciousaudio, i like to practice on my midi keyboard and any ideas that i have are written down

Practice makes perfect!!!

i think i dont practice anymore !only when i’m writin a track ! :confused:

Yeah same here. Practice is making tracks.
But I play with other musicians if you can call that practice…

Exactly my thoughts.

I play to the piano every day)

Thank you all for answers!I!)

I have to play Piano everyday, a sampled one though. :slight_smile: But I try to pick up my e guitar as often as I can. Also, sometimes a longer pause of several days can make a tremendous difference if you ask me.

Thanks Mike!Do you satisfied your skills?

My main instrument is Guitar. I have been playing most my life and I can put it down for a while and get back up to speed with a bit of practise. I think most musicians would agree that you get into the ‘zone’ after 30 minutes or so of playing. So now if I’m doing a track with a guitar part in it I just jam for a half hour or so before I record the part.
Probably not a popular opinion, but I think it’s good to put an instrument down for an extended period. Maybe not so much when starting out playing an instument but I think it helps as you go down the line.

Hi Mike,
For inspiration I feel that a pause gives different ideas. Or else: if I don’t pause everythinh sounds the same

Haha, NO! You never stop learning. :smile:

Absolutely. Sometimes you just need a pause to get fresh ideas. Could be a week, could also be a short phone call inbetween and you suddenly come up with something new and exciting. I love that moment :slightly_smiling:

I find for me that too much practice of one thing can be counter-productive, and that practicing everyday doesn’t really seem to improve my skills - it’s almost as if my body and mind need time to process and lock-in what’s been practiced, and to think about and do other things.

IMO, there are certain instruments that require more practice than others. Trumpet and violin for example are real bastards because you have to focus on producing good tone/pitch as well as playing the correct notes, whereas that sort of thing is somewhat built in to a piano or guitar. The only things I practice on piano and guitar anymore are sight reading and intonation, because I think once you reach a certain point there’s not much that your hands can’t do, and it becomes a total brain-game.

I also find that it’s useful (as a composer) to keep learning and playing different instruments, because different instruments force you to think about music in a different ways. For example, playing a brass instrument forces you to think about harmonic partials and technique, the piano forces you think about musical theory/inversions, string instruments force you to think more about technique and open up your ears, the guitar forces you to think about rhythm and technique in a different way, the drums teach you about rhythm and timing, ect. I also find that it’s pretty easy to get locked into certain patterns because certain instruments lend themselves to certain chords and keys, so picking up something different can help break one of a repetitive cycle.

Of course I don’t approach music from the perspective of trying to become a virtuoso, and in fact the public-performance aspect of music isn’t even all that appealing to me. If someone was trying to play in an orchestra or something I could see how hours of practice a day might be a good idea…

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Not as much as i wish but now and then i try to practice, as a professional guitar player i need to have my skills in shape and i play everyday ´cause i´m a guitar teacher but not necessarily do scales and new things.
On the other end on my free time i usually spend on learning my plugins, virtual instruments and other production related things. It´s tough to make it happen in 24h a day :sweat_smile:

After 46 years of playing, should I have to?