Do you "write" music?

We all write music in the sense that we are creating it from our minds. But I’m thinking about the actual activity that goes with the term being used - actually “writing” music, like, on a sheet of paper, with a pen. Or even putting notes down on a staff sheet in your DAW. Is this something you do? As for me, I mostly just hit the record button and play my instruments. For most of the time, I have no idea of what notes I play or what key I’m in. Not to say I don’t know my theory - I just don’t “write” the music down before it’s recorded. How about you?

Years ago I’d write music down as I composed. Over the years that has changed to ad lib something while recording, listen, modify, and move on to the next part. The tools we have allow us to move pretty fast (relative to years ago) through the creation process. So I guess my approach has evolved as the software has evolved. I should say… I do appreciate the purity of writing compositions for other musicians to perform and the skill it takes to do so. I have great regard for those who create scores for performance.

Yeah, I’m with you, I just play right into my DAW while the creativity is flowing, and sort out the details later.

I put in my time in college writing music out by hand, have enough of a practical understanding to apply to my compositions here, but i think it’s an unnecessary intermediate step in most cases, when the only real end product is the recording.

That said, if I’m doing any arrangements with complex vocal/horn/string harmonies, I’ll sit down and Finale that stuff out.

I’ve never bothered writing down each specific notes because it seems like it would be pretty time consuming without much benefit to the production, but If I’m recording other instruments or over dubbing stuff it’s handy to know the root note and chord progressions. I guess if your working with a lot of musicians on a project it would bode well to have an idea of what notes your playing to translate to the other instruments. That being said a lot of great musicians don’t know their theory and I personally prefer jamming until I create a sound that I like!

Write? What is copy/paste for :slight_smile:

I don’t need to write 4 (+/- 2) chords harmony with natural major/minor melodies down on the paper :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great discussion. I don’t even hand write my bank checks anymore so it’s interesting to see how technology has changed the way we all do business…

I’ll write out notation to voice a chord sometimes if I’m doing an orchestration, but it’s seldom.

When I had to write the music down, while studying. and if I would have its own orchestra, I would continue to write. But while digital sound and plenty of virtual instruments in that there is simply no need. There are such people as Karl Jenkins, who still write notes, and there are people like Hans Zimmer, who switched to DAW. I think it individually. You want to write notes? write … d`nt want? do not write … and if you call yourself a musician, the musical notes, the laws of harmony you need to know)))

Does manually inputting Midi count as “writing”? Hehe.

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